New Zealand Law Society - New Family Court Practice Note for Specialist Reports

New Family Court Practice Note for Specialist Reports

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

Principal Family Court Judge Laurence Ryan says a new practice note for specialist report writers will come into effect from 31 October 2016.

The practice note replaces all previous practice notes pertaining to specialist report writers.

The terms were originally settled by the Principal Family Court Judge, the Ministry of Justice, the Family Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society, the New Zealand Psychologists Board, the New Zealand Psychological Society, and the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists.

The note covers any person (other than a cultural report writer) from whom a psychological report has been requested under section 133 of the Care of Children Act 2004 or under section 178 of the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989.

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