New Zealand Law Society - Colonel Graeme Burnet MacKenzie Law MBE, 1933 – 2003

Colonel Graeme Burnet MacKenzie Law MBE, 1933 – 2003

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Former chief executive of the Council of Legal Education and retired army colonel, Graeme Law MBE, died in Wellington on 11 September 2003 following a short illness.

Colonel Law completed a BA/LLB at Victoria University in the 1950s while serving in the Territorials. After practising in Wellington, he joined the regular Army in 1964 and from 1967 served at Defence Headquarters, providing legal advice for all three services. He received his MBE in 1973 and was promoted to colonel in 1984, when he also became Director of Legal Services at Defence HQ.

On his retirement from the Army in 1990, he joined the Council of Legal Education from which he retired about three years ago.

Colonel Law was remembered, at a full military service at Old St Paul’s in Wellington, as an honest, gracious, humorous and altogether unique man.

This obituary was first published in LawTalk 612, 29 September 2003, page 3.

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