New Zealand Law Society - One quarter of jury selections excused

One quarter of jury selections excused

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

About one quarter of people summonsed for jury duty appear to have been excused over the year to 30 June 2019.

This is indicated in information provided by Justice Minister Andrew Little in response to written parliamentary questions from National MP Mark Mitchell.

Data from Mr Little shows that over the year, 131,143 individuals were summonsed for jury duty. Over the same period, 33,175 individuals were excused from jury duty. Although there is a likely time lag between being summonsed and being excused, the information indicates that the number of individuals excused was 25.3% of the number summonsed.

Mr Little also provided information on the number of individuals selected for jury duty who applied to be excused. In the year to 30 June 2019 there were 38,945 such individuals. Over the year the number of people who were actually excused was 85.2% of the number who applied to be excused - indicating a high rate of successful applications to be excused.

Summonses for jury duty and individuals excused or applying to be excused, year to 30 June 2019

Month Summonsed Applied to be excused Excused
Jun-19 11,267 3,531 2,952
May-19 13,494 3,869 3,441
Apr-19 10,094 3,158 2,549
Mar-19 10,323 3,085 2,627
Feb-19 11,242 3,735 3,067
Jan-19 4,749 1,799 1,162
Dec-18 6,374 1,496 1,447
Nov-18 12,470 3,500 3,115
Oct-18 13,651 3,799 3,334
Sep-18 11,815 3,360 2,966
Aug-18 12,269 3,588 3,207
Jul-18 13,395 4,025 3,308
Total 131,143 38,945 33,175

The summonsed information shows new summonses only, and does not include re-summonses where people have deferred. The number of applications for excusals and excusals is recorded for new summonses only and not re-summonses.