New Zealand Law Society - Open Government mid-term self assessment released

Open Government mid-term self assessment released

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The State Services Commission has released New Zealand's Open Government Partnership Mid-term Self-assessment Report.

The Open Government Partnership was established in 2011 and is an international forum of countries working together to ensure that member governments are more open, accountable and responsive to citizens.

The New Zealand government accepted an invitation to join the OGP in 2013. There are now 69 participating countries.

The State Services Commission co-ordinates New Zealand's membership. It says that as part of its membership, New Zealand is required to demonstrate through an Action Plan of commitments how the government will implement the OGP principles of transparency, accountability, technology and innovation, and civil society participation in government.

The mid-term self-assessment report reports progress on the 2014-16 Action Plan.

The report concludes that overall there has been significant progress against the Action Plan commitments.

"But as we also reflected in our Action Plan, we know we cannot rest on our laurels, and must continue to strive to build upon our existing frameworks to enhance openness in government," it says.