New Zealand Law Society - Over 80% of NZ lawyers in UK plan to return

Over 80% of NZ lawyers in UK plan to return

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

Research published by the English magazine and website The Lawyer has found that over 80% of responding UK-based New Zealand lawyers planned to return home at some stage.

This was the highest proportion of any of the countries in the survey of over 400 foreign-born lawyers. Around 14% of responding New Zealand-born lawyers said they planned to leave soon - the second-highest after "other European Union" lawyers, with 16.5% planning to leave soon.

The research found that 10.8% of the foreign-born lawyers who responded planned to leave the UK in the near future.

Lawyers from the United States and Canada were most likely to stay in the UK.

When asked if they had enjoyed their time working as a lawyer in the UK so far, around 3% of all respondents said they had not. New Zealanders were most negative about their time in the UK, with 5% saying "No" - although 82.3% of New Zealand respondents said they had enjoyed it to some degree.