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Parliament Standing Orders amendments recommended

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Parliament's Standing Orders Committee has released a report on its Review of Standing Orders and recommends that a number of amendments to Standing Orders be made, with effect from the day after the dissolution or expiration of the present Parliament.

As well as recommended amendments, the report contains observations about how the House of Representative's existing rules should apply in practice, and about opportunities for change and innovation.

Among the recommended amendments:

A reduction in the number of subject select committees from 13 to 12, with subject areas re-arranged. The Justice and Electoral and Law and Order Committees would be merged to form the Justice Committee.

A "job description" for select committee chairpersons, along with expectations for the role.

Lifting of the ban on the use of Parliament TV coverage for satire, ridicule, or denigration.

New rules for the Estimates and annual reviews. These have been trialled by the Business Committee and it is recommended these now be made permanent.

A new "Parliamentary noticeboard" feature on the Parliament website for members to public notices about community events or milestones or significant achievements by constituents.

Amending the purpose of the Register of Pecuniary Interests, with creation of a new declaration category to cover interests in managed investment schemes. Provision would also be made for corrections to MPs' returns to be published as part of the parliamentary record.

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