New Zealand Law Society - Chambers Asia-Pacific ratings released

Chambers Asia-Pacific ratings released

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The international law firm rating guide Chambers & Partners has released its 2016 ratings for Asia-Pacific.

The ratings of law firms and lawyers cover 41 jurisdictions and 20 specialist areas of law.

English-based Chambers ranks lawyers and law firms on several factors and considerations, using a large team of researchers. It says law firm rankings relate to a department of the firm, not to the firm as a whole.

Firms and lawyers are ranked in six bands from 1 to 6, with 1 being the best.

New Zealand lawyers who are individually ranked in bands 1 and 2 are shown here.

Rankings for New Zealand law firms in the 2016 ratings are as follows (firms ranked in bands 1 to 4):

CategoryBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
Banking and FinanceBell GullyBuddle
Anthony Harper 
 Chapman TrippMinter Ellison
Rudd Watts
 Mayne WetherellSimpson
 Russell McVeagh   
Competition/Anti TrustBell GullyBuddle
Matthews Law 
 Chapman TrippSimpson
Meredith Connell 
 Russell McVeagh Minter Ellison Rudd Watts 
   Webb Henderson 
   Wilson Harle 
Corporate/CommercialBell GullyHarmos Horton
Buddle FindlayKensington Swan
 Chapman TrippMinter Ellison
Rudd Watts
DLA Piper NZMayne Wetherell
 Russell McVeagh Simpson GriersonWebb Henderson
Dispute ResolutionBell GullyMinter Ellison
Rudd Watts
Buddle FindlayDLA Piper NZ
 Chapman TrippRussell
Gilbert WalkerKensington Swan
Wilson HarleLeeSalmonLong
EmploymentBell GullyBuddle
Chapman Tripp 
 Russell McVeaghKensington
DLA Piper NZ 
 SBM LegalKiely Thompson CaisleyDundas Street Employment Lawyers 
 Simpson GriersonLangtonHudson
Ellison Rudd Watts
Energy & Natural ResourcesBell GullyBuddle FindlayAnderson Lloyd 
 Minter Ellison Rudd Watts ChanceryGreen 
 Russell McVeagh Chapman Tripp 
 Simpson Grierson DLA Piper NZ 
   Greenwood Roche Chisnall 
   Kensington Swan 
InsuranceChapman TrippBell GullyDAC Beachcroft NZ 
 DLA Piper NZGilbert WalkerFee Langstone 
  McElroysRussell McVeagh 
   Simpson Grierson 
   Wilson Harle 
Intellectual PropertyAJ ParkBell GullyBuddle Findlay 
 Simpson GriersonChapman TrippJames & Wells 
  Hudson Gavin MartinKensington Swan 
   Minter Ellison Rudd Watts 
Investment FundsChapman TrippBell Gully  
 DLA Piper NZKensington
 Minter Ellison Rudd Watts   
Public LawBell GullyBuddle FindlayMeredith Connell 
 Chapman TrippMinter Ellison Rudd WattsWilson Harle 
 Russell McVeagh   
 Simpson Grierson   
Real EstateBell GullyGreenwood Roche ChisnallBuddle Findlay 
 Chapman TrippSimpson GriersonDLA Piper NZ 
 Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Kensington Swan 
 Russell McVeagh Thompson Blackie Biddles 
Restructuring/InsolvencyBell GullyMinter Ellison Rudd WattsRussell McVeaghAnthony Harper
 Buddle FindlaySimpson Grierson Kensington Swan
 Chapman Tripp  Lowndes
    Mayne Wetherell
TaxBell GullyBuddle FindlayMinter Ellison Rudd Watts 
 Russell McVeaghChapman TrippSimpson Grierson 
Technology, Media, TelecomsChapman TrippBell GullyKensington Swan 
 Minter Ellison Rudd WattsBuddle FindlayRussell McVeagh 
  Hudson Gavin Martin  
  Simpson Grierson  
  Webb Henderson 


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