New Zealand Law Society - McLuskie Dalziel Lawyers announcements

McLuskie Dalziel Lawyers announcements

Fiona Dalziel and Karina McLuskie join to form partnership in a new firm McLuskie Dalziel Lawyers.

L-R: Karina McLuskie and Fiona Dalziel

Karina McLuskie has specialised in employment law for 15 years and was a partner at Tompkins Wake, based in the Hamilton office, before embarking on opening a specialist employment law firm based in the Waikato with Fiona Dalziel. Karina is a Waikato University graduate.

Fiona Dalziel is also a Waikato University graduate and has specialised in employment law for her entire legal career (9 years). Fiona was recently a Senior Associate at Tompkins Wake.

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