New Zealand Law Society - Wellington NZLS branch election not required

Wellington NZLS branch election not required

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

Because the number of nominations did not exceed the number of available positions, no election was required at the AGM of the NZLS Wellington branch on 21 June. Amendments made to the branch rules in 2016 mean the new Council has been elected for a two-year term.

Members of the Wellington branch Council are:

President: David Dunbar.

Vice-Presidents: Annette Gray, Steph Dyhrberg.

Council: Arti Chan, Chris Griggs, Yemo Guo, Jessie Hunt, Mike Lennard, Cathy Rodgers, Mark Wilton, Gretchen Freeman (Wairarapa representative), Emma von Veh (Young Lawyers representative), Mark Wilton (ILANZ representative).

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