New Zealand Law Society - Reserve Bank video helps with legal tender identification

Reserve Bank video helps with legal tender identification

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The Reserve Bank has released a short video which is aimed at helping the public become better acquainted with the security features on New Zealand's new banknotes.

The video, which is available in English and Te Reo Māori, is available here.

The video explores the banknote’s sophisticated security features, showing the public how to identify a genuine banknote by the ‘look, feel and tilt’ sensory approach used by other central banks to identify a counterfeit.

The new banknotes were released in October 2015 ($5 and $10) and May 2016 ($20, $50 and $100). The have been branded "Brighter Money" by the bank.

“Being able to identify a real New Zealand Series 7 Brighter Money banknote is important to maintaining New Zealand’s low counterfeit rate,” says Reserve Bank Head of Currency, Property and Security Steve Gordon.

"New Zealand has a low counterfeit rate by international standards and the Bank wants to keep it that way. One of the ways we can do this is by ensuring the public know how to identify the security features on our banknotes. Use the video’s three prompts - look, feel and tilt, to make sure your banknotes are the genuine article.”

As well as the new video, the Reserve Bank has updated its banknotes and coins pages to make them easier to read, navigate and find information.