New Zealand Law Society - Select committee impasse on parental leave bill

Select committee impasse on parental leave bill

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The Government Administration Committee has released its report on the Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months' Paid Leave and Work Contact Hours) Amendment Bill, saying it is unable to agree whether the bill should be passed.

The bill is a member's bill in the name of Labour MP Sue Moroney, and seeks to extend the period of paid parental leave from 16 to 26 weeks. 

The bill also provides for "work contact hours". Work contact hours would allow recipients of paid parental leave to return to work for a limited amount of time, without losing their entitlement to paid leave.

The committee notes that since the bill was introduced, the principal Act has been amended to increase the amount of paid parental leave to 18 weeks, along with other changes. It recommends aligning the bill with these changes

The bill was referred to the committee on 16 September 2015, with submissions closing on 6 November 2015. The committee received 6,755 submissions (including 5,129 form submissions), and heard from 25 submitters.