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Step up your cyber defence

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If you have one password you use for everything and hit ‘remind me later’ when an update pops up on your phone, you’re not alone, says New Zealand's cybersecurity agency, CERT NZ.

CERT and Connect Smart are promoting Cyber Smart Week from 27 November to 1 December. The Cyber Smart website contains a range of resources and advice aimed at enhancing cyber security.

CERT says doing just one of several things will help individuals and organisations keep their data safe. Doing more than one will held even more:

Change your password: Make your passwords long and strong, and have a unique password for each online account.

Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA): Two-factor authentication is like having a second lock for your door. It's often a password, and something else, like a code.

Check your privacy settings: Set your privacy settings so you know exactly who can see what you post on social media.

Update your operating system (OS): Keeping your OS up to date is a really good way to defend against bugs and viruses.

“The cyber security landscape is constantly changing and we know it can seem overwhelming, but international evidence shows that 85% of cyber security incidents can be prevented by simple measures, like updating your operating system,” says Rob Pope, Director, CERT NZ.

CERT says the important thing is to take that first step, and when each step is a matter of a few clicks, it’s a no-brainer.