New Zealand Law Society - Thai top restaurant choice for lawyers

Thai top restaurant choice for lawyers

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Thai restaurants were the favourite for lawyers who responded to a survey on recreation in the New Zealand Law Society's weekly LawPoints e-newsletter.

When asked to name their three favourite types of restaurants, over 54% of respondents selected Thai restaurants. The next most popular choice was Kiwi Cafe, followed by Japanese, Indian and Italian.

While both men and women put Thai at the top, there were some differences in the next preferences. The next choice for women was Japanese and then Kiwi Cafe, while men liked Italian and Indian.

The unscientific survey was completed by 196 lawyers, who also selected their preferred sports, movies, concerts, holiday destinations. The results (removing responses such as "Can't remember"):

Which of the following sports have you participated in (at any level) since the beginning of 2017?

  All Lawyers Women Men
1 Cycling Netball Cycling
2 Golf Golf Golf
3 Tennis Tennis Cricket
4 Netball Cycling Football
5 Surfing Snow Sports Surfing

What was the last movie you went to a movie theatre to view?

  All Lawyers Women Men
1 Star Wars Rogue One Beauty & The Beast Star Wars Rogue One
2 Beauty & The Beast Lion Lion
3 Lion Hidden Figures Hidden Figures
4 Hidden Figures Star Wards Rogue One La La Land
5 La La Land La La Land Beauty & The Beast

What was the last band or singer you went to a concert to view?

  All Lawyers Women Men
1 Adele Adele Bruce Springsteen
2 Bruce Springsteen Fleetwood Mac Adele
3 Fleetwood Mac Justin Beiber Fleetwood Mac
5 WOMAD Foo Fighters Rod Stewart

When you dine out, which are you three favourite types of restaurant?

  All Lawyers Women Men
1 Thai Thai Thai
2 Kiwi Café Japanese Italian
3 Japanese Kiwi Café Indian
4 Indian Indian Kiwi Café
5 Italian Italian Japanese

When you last went outside New Zealand for a holiday, what was the last country you stayed more than one night in before you returned home?

  All Lawyers Women Men
1 Australia Australia Australia
2 Fiji Fiji Italy
3 Japan Japan Cook Islands
4 Cook Islands Cook Islands Thailand
5 Italy England Fiji