New Zealand Law Society - Tribunals brought within courts security legislation

Tribunals brought within courts security legislation

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From 8 April 2019 courts security officers will be given greater powers to operate in a large number of tribunals around New Zealand.

The Courts Security Regulations 2019 were made on 25 March 2019. They designate the tribunals to be bodies to which the Courts Security Act 1999 applies.

The powers of court security officers were enhanced by Part 1 of the Courts Matters Act 2018, to allow them to to deal more effectively with low-level offending and disruptive behaviour in courts and tribunals.

Some of Part 1 came into force on 14 November 2018. The Courts Matters Act 2018 (Amendments to Courts Security Act 1999) Commencement Order 2019 was made on 25 March 2019 and brings the rest of Part 1 into force on 8 April 2019.

From 8 April courts security officers' extended and existing powers may be exercised in the following tribunals: