New Zealand Law Society - Updated OIA and Privacy policies released

Updated OIA and Privacy policies released

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The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has this week released its updated policy on the release of official information to the public.

The Official Information and Proactive Release Policy describes how the Department will ensure that it meets the spirit and objectives of the Official Information Act 1982 and how it will comply with initiatives to increase the availability of official information.

“We will adhere to the statutory timeframes for responding to requests and provide practical assistance to the public to help them make requests for official information. In interpreting the request, we will consider the intent of that request and give reasonable assistance to the requestor to ensure their needs are met.” The DPMC says.

It also says the DPMC will regularly review and monitor their performance and capability to respond to requests for official information.

“Every six months we will provide comprehensive information on the number of OIA request we receive and the number of complaints we are notified of by an Ombudsman, to the State Services Commission and advise how we met the timeliness requirements of the Official Information Act 1982,” the DPMC says.

The Official Information Act is regularly used by mainstream journalists to source material for stories of national importance.

This week the Department also released its updated privacy policy, to ensure staff, members of the public and the government retains the highest level of confidence in its ability to safeguard the personal information it holds.

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