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Fishing sector latest payers

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The fishing sector had the longest average late payment time in 2016, at an average of 8.7 days late, according to the Dun and Bradstreet late payment report for the fourth quarter of 2016.

The agriculture sector was promptest over 2016, averaging 3.7 days late.

The data shows that the average late payment time for New Zealand businesses in 2016 was 5.3 days late. Larger companies (over 500 employees) were slowest to pay, averaging 8.1 days late.

On a regional business late payment times for North Island cities, particularly Auckland (at an average of 6.7 days) late lagged behind the rest of the country. Wellington firms were an average of 5.2 days late, with Christchurch firms averaging 4.8 days late.

Late payment times by Sector, 2016

Sector Average days late
Agriculture 3.7
Finance, Insurance 4.4
Services 4.4
Forestry 4.5
Retail Trade 5.4
Construction 5.7
Transportation 5.8
Mining 6.4
Communications 6.6
Utilities 7.4
Wholesale trade 7.7
Manufacturing 7.8
Fishing 8.7