New Zealand Law Society - Applications for Approval

Applications for Approval

The following people have applied to the Law Society for certificates or approvals.

Any comments concerning suitability should be made in writing to the Registry Manager by the date noted.

Send to:

Fax: +64 4 463 2989

Comments may be disclosed to the applicant.

Admission under Part 3 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006

Names published and circulated on 30 June 2022. Comments due by 7 July 2022:

  • Cartwright-Figota Jordan Mathew
  • Coles George Stewart Matthew
  • Curtis Grace Lisa Pamela
  • Gawe Kathleen Nicole Sepulchre
  • Gordon Sophie Jayne
  • Hamilton James Terence
  • Helms Victoria Jayne
  • Hughes Emily Jean
  • Itasheva Alice Igorevna (previously known as Altitsa Alice Igorevna)
  • Jeffrey Ethan Zane
  • Lee Alexandra Carson (also known as Alex)
  • Miller Corrina Maree (née Wade; previously known as Wade-Graham Corrina Maree; Bell Corrina Maree; Laird Corrina Maree)
  • Monkhouse Celina Mei
  • Quennell Lucas Ryan
  • Quirke-Luping Catherine Sarah (also known as Katie)
  • Samuels Annelise Jane
  • Schofield Stewart David
  • Sherwood Tessa Wendy Heney
  • Si Shirong (also known as Samantha)
  • Taiuru Jordyn Maria
  • Te One Caitlin Kautarewa Burton
  • Young Jacob Ariel
  • Zhao Yunfan (also known as Caleb)
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