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NZ lawyers working overseas

Working from your practice in New Zealand

New Zealand lawyers who export legal services from their places of business in New Zealand are members of the New Zealand Law Society and are regulated accordingly.

New Zealand lawyers who are admitted and practise in more than one jurisdiction concurrently will be subject to the regulatory regime of each.

Similarly, New Zealand-based lawyers who establish a commercial presence in another jurisdiction may, in some cases, be required to register as foreign lawyers in the host jurisdiction and be subject to relevant rules.

Working in another jurisdiction

New Zealand-admitted lawyers who are living and working in another jurisdiction may be issued with New Zealand practising certificates.

If New Zealand lawyers are admitted and practising in a host jurisdiction they will be subject to local regulation as well as by New Zealand.

New Zealand lawyers working in foreign jurisdictions where they are not, or not yet, admitted/entitled to practise may be required to register as foreign lawyers and regulated as such by the host jurisdiction. Regimes vary, so it pays to check in advance.

Admission to practise in another jurisdiction

Information about regulatory regimes in other jurisdictions is generally available from their law societies or bar associations.


New Zealand lawyers can be admitted to practice in all states and territories of Australia under the Trans-Tasman mutual recognition regime. That regime offers a fast-track process, just as it does for Australian practitioners seeking admission here.

In all the Australian state and territory jurisdictions except Victoria and Queensland, practitioners are admitted as both barristers and solicitors. Victoria and Queensland have fully divided professions.

Initial inquiries should be made to the appropriate law society or bar association.

England and Wales

er jurisdictions, contact

Certificate of Standing

In most cases you will be required, as part of your application for admission in another jurisdiction, to produce a Certificate of standing from New Zealand. You can apply online.

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