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Claiming lien over passports unsatisfactory conduct

If a lawyer is prohibited from retaining the passport of a New Zealand citizen on the basis of an unpaid fee, a foreign client should be treated no differently. This was stated by a lawyers standards committee when considering an own motion investigation into a lawyer, Orlick, who claimed a lien…

Auckland barrister, homeless advocate and a judge champion new night shelter for homeless

Jo Wickcliffe An Auckland barrister, a homeless advocate and a District Court Judge are driving the development of a new night shelter for homeless people, due to open before the winter. Queen Street in the central city is often dotted with people begging and sleeping rough all year round. Many of them…

Kiwisaver funds paid to clients

A lawyer who paid KiwiSaver funds directly to her clients, despite giving an undertaking that they would be used as part of a property purchase, was guilty of unsatisfactory conduct, a lawyers standards committee has found.

The Government's lawman: David Parker, Attorney-General

As Attorney-General in Helen Clark’s third and final government, David Parker was the logical choice to take on the role in the Coalition government that was formed in October 2017. This time round, the former Dunedin lawyer and co-founder of the Community Law Centre has several meaty roles in the government:…

Allegations not supported by evidence

Allegations that a lawyer failed to meet her discovery obligations were not supported by evidence on the balance of probabilities, the Legal Complaints Review Officer (LCRO) has found.

Tiana Epati

Tiana EpatiWhat are the issues which are facing New Zealand’s legal profession? The issues affecting the profession are considerable but also extremely varied. Currently, we face the pressing need for fundamental culture change, major advances in artificial intelligence and technology, increase in regulation, and access to justice for many in our…

Independent legal advice was needed

A lawyer, Lightwood, who drafted a trust deed under which she was a beneficiary should have required her parents to take independent legal advice, a lawyers standards committee has said. Lightwood’s parents established a trust to protect the proceeds of the intended sale of a property they owned.

The President of the New Zealand Law Society: Kathryn Beck

Kathryn BeckWhat stands out for you over the three years you have been Law Society President? The people. Throughout the last few years I have been consistently heartened by the quality of the people we have in our profession. I have come across extraordinary generosity of spirit. People who give of…
Accredited employers, the current policy, proposed policy changes and ‘what’s next?’

Accredited employers, the current policy, proposed policy changes and ‘what’s next?’

2018 was a year of many ‘immigration-related’ headlines shedding light on a range of issues from migrant exploitation, through to the crisis many employers faced in recruiting suitably qualified staff from the local labour market. News of severe shortages in specific industries and the regions were frequent, with many employers turning…

High rewards for those representing the low-paid The work of in-house lawyers at New Zealand’s unions

McDonalds workers protesting on a picket line “There is power in a factory, power in the land, power in the hands of a worker, but it all amounts to nothing if together we don’t stand, there is power in a union” – Billy Bragg, There Is Power In A Union (1986) Union…
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