New Zealand Law Society - Canterbury Gold Medal in Law

Canterbury Gold Medal in Law

A gold medal, first presented by the Canterbury District Law Society in 1883, is awarded annually to the best student graduating LLB at Canterbury University.

Medals were originally awarded to barristers and to solicitors. The first awards, in 1883, were to T Hay (Barristers) and WC MacGregor (Solicitors).

The University's regulation for the award states that the award shall be made on the student's work and examination marks during the whole of [his or her] course. "The medal shall not necessarily be awarded in any year if, in the opinion of the Law Faculty, there is no student attaining to the required standard.

One of New Zealand's longest-standing academic prizes, the gold medal is now known as the Canterbury-Westland branch New Zealand Law Society Gold Medal in Law.

A complete list of winners is not available. The winners since 2013 are as follows:

Year Winner
2013 AGM Whalan
2014 Rosie Kós/Alison Chamberlain
2015 Timothy Bain
2016 Kian Seng Looi
2017 Nichola Hodge/Jonathan Sanders
2018 Victoria Squires
2019 Nicholas Wilson
2020 Harrison Smith
2021 Charlotte Keir
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