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Find a Family Lawyer

The FLS has a "find a family lawyer" database to help you locate a family lawyer in your area who can advise you on your particular situation.

About Us

The Family Law Section was established in December 1997 to recognise the special interests of family lawyers and the growing importance of family law in New Zealand.

FLS Membership

Whether you are starting out in your career as a family lawyer, working your way up the career ladder or an experienced family lawyer, Family Law Section membership has much to offer. 

Our People

FLS is governed by an executive, an advisory panel and 33 regional representatives.

Our Stories

The Family Law Section leads the way in the development and practice of family law in New Zealand. 


As a member, you will receive complimentary issues of The Family Advocate, regular email bulletins and access to the members’ only area of the website.


FLS have put together a selection of resources that may be useful to family law practitioners.


From time to time the FLS will organise or co-host a webinar on various family law topics.

Law Reform

The Family Law Section make submissions on behalf of its members in response to Government Bills affecting areas of family law as they are introduced to Parliament and considered by Select Committees.

Guidelines and Practice Notes

Guidelines generally outline the procedure and establish recommended standards of judicial practice in the Family Court. Also included on this page are court circulars.