New Zealand Law Society - E-dealing Consultant

E-dealing Consultant

PLS administers the Law Society’s e-dealing consultancy service. The service provides email support to lawyers and law firm staff on conveyancing and practical property law issues that sit alongside the e-dealing system.

The consultancy is staffed jointly by property lawyer and e-dealing consultant, Duncan Terris, and Law Society staff.

It generally works to a 24-hour turnaround for enquiries. Exceptions will be notified.


The flat fees for the service are:

  • $75 for PLS members (GST inclusive)
  • $100 for non-PLS members (GST inclusive)


How the service developed

LINZ’s electronic registration system – Landonline – brought about major changes to the way in which law firms conducted their conveyancing practices. To help property lawyers and their staff get the most out of e-dealing, the Law Society established the e-dealing consultancy service in 2004.

Following a review in 2010 and feedback from members, the PLS Executive decided to continue the service, but to introduce a per enquiry flat fee on a partial recovery basis. In January 2011, the e-dealing consultancy was re-launched as a “user pays” service. The fees charged are less than the cost of providing the consultancy. This subsidy reflects the Property Law Section’s desire to help ensure that conveyancing transactions proceed smoothly.

LINZ-PLS relationship

PLS works closely with LINZ’s Customer Support and Registrar-General of Land/Regulatory teams. This helps to ensure LINZ is aware of law firms’ needs and vice versa, so that relevant educational material is shared and disseminated.

LINZ provides application-based Landonline support through its Customer Support team:

0800 665 463

E-dealing documents

The Property Lawyer index includes all of Duncan Terris’ past e-dealing hints and articles.

(Handy tip: click into the document when you have opened it and use ctrl-F to give you a search box in the top right-hand corner. Enter a search word or term (for example:) “e-dealing” and it will show you all the articles that have “e-dealing” in the title).

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