New Zealand Law Society - Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs

Who can become a member?

Lawyers who hold a current practising certificate can be a member of the Law Society. Lawyers in their first two years of practice receive free membership to the Law Society.

When is the Law Society introducing a membership subscription?

1 July 2024

How much is it?

For full members, it is $290 plus GST

What does membership include?

Key benefits include: 

  • Membership to one Section of your choice – Family Law, Property Law, inhouse lawyers (ILANZ) – of your choice. You may join other Sections for $100 +GST per Section
  • Complimentary membership for lawyers in their first two years of practice
  • Advocacy and voice for the profession 
  • Member savings on CPD and education designed for Members 
  • Local support and access to quality education, networking and other opportunities via your local branch (13 around the country) 
  • Listed on Find a Lawyer, a publicly searchable lawyer database 
  • Exclusive member offers and discounts through our soon-to-launch Partner Programme 

View our full list of membership benefits 

How do I pay?

Lawyers wanting to retain their membership should register via this link  When you do so, you will receive an invoice for your membership subscription for the 24/25 year which starts on 1 July. 

Is there a discount for large firms and inhouse teams?

In this first year the answer is no. We may consider preferential pricing in future years.  

Why should I be a member of the New Zealand Law Society?

Ninety-eight percent of the profession is already a member of the Law Society. We are the only organisation that represents lawyers nationwide through our 13 branches and three sections.  
Being a member of the Law Society is important for all lawyers. We are the body that has the trust and influence to advocate for the rule of law, access to justice, administration of justice and law reform, speaking on behalf of the entire profession. 

Joining will give you the same great service with even more value. Some of the benefits include:

  • Membership to a Section (family, property and inhouse – and more over time)
  • Up to 30% off full price NZLS CLE Limited and Law Society education 
  • Member only offers and discounts including for banking, insurance, accommodation and travel, retail and more through our Partner Programme. You’ll hear more about these benefits in April.
  • Access to a range of services to help you connect, grow, learn, and stay informed
  • Also, membership is also complimentary for lawyers who are in their first two years of practice.

A full list of benefits can be found on our website.

Why does the Law Society need to charge a membership subscription?

Under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006, the money that the Law Society receives from practising certificate fees can only be spent on regulatory functions, not on services for members. Some services such as law libraries, Vitae counselling, mentoring and law reform are funded from regulatory. Other member services (such as branches) have been funded from the Law Society’s reserves for the last few years. This is no longer sustainable. 

What does the practising fee pay for?

The practising fee funds the Law Society’s regulatory activities. Under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006, funding received from practising certificate fees can only be spent on regulatory activities. You can view a full breakdown of what the fee pays for here Practising fee breakdown

Do all lawyers in an organisation need to join?

We encourage all lawyers to join. Our membership is designed to be financially attractive to meet the wide needs of the profession, for example 

  • Member-only pricing for events including member pricing for NZLS CLE Ltd with non-members paying 30 percent more  
  • Ensuring the membership to the Law Society includes the option to join a section of your choice – this includes creating new groups such as a group for sole practitioners and small firms, and  
  • Individual member benefits.  

 Ultimately, the choice is for members to make. Membership is voluntary. 

Why have membership services been running at a loss? 

While the Family Law and Property Law Sections already charge a membership subscription, the Law Society for many years has not charged a subscription fee for members with services delivered at a significant deficit. The deficit is currently funded by reserves, which is not sustainable. In February 2023, Council agreed the status quo was no longer sustainable and, in principle, agreed to introduce a membership subscription with more benefits. In December 2023, Council approved a new strategy for our representative function to deliver more value to members while also introducing a membership subscription.