New Zealand Law Society - NZLS reminder on expiry of qualifications

NZLS reminder on expiry of qualifications

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

The New Zealand Law Society is reminding lawyers that courses required for lawyers who want to practise on on their own account and to act as trust account supervisors expire three years after attendance.

The Law Society says lawyers are reminded of the following:

Flying Start/Stepping Up

All those who completed these training courses before October 2012, and who are yet to commence practice on own account, are reminded that the courses expire three years after attendance.

Those who completed Stepping Up after 1 October 2012 can allow no more than two years to elapse from the date of attendance at the course, before they commence practice on own account. This means that applications should be made well in advance of the expiry of the two years.

Trust Account Supervisor Training (TAS) Programme

All those who complete this course and who have not commenced acting as Trust Account Supervisor (this includes notifying the New Zealand Law Society) are reminded that they have three years from attendance at the course to commence acting as the Trust Account Supervisor.


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