New Zealand Law Society - Online health assessment tool now available to NZ lawyers

Online health assessment tool now available to NZ lawyers

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New Zealand lawyers are now able to have free access to a comprehensive online health assessment tool, Wellbeing 360.

The tool has been developed by workplace health organisation Vitality Works and is available free to the legal profession through a Memorandum of Understanding between the New Zealand Law Society and Vitality Works.

New Zealand Law Society members can access Wellbeing 360, find out how to use it along with other information at

Lawyers who complete the Wellbeing 360 assessment will get an immediate personalised report on their physical wellbeing and mental, work and social wellbeing.

To begin the assessment, lawyers need to give their name and email address. Inputting their Law Society Registry login password is optional as all information is completely confidential. After providing details, lawyers will receive an invitation to participate in the Wellbeing 360 online health assessment.

The MOU with Vitality Works is another step in Law Society work on expanding the range of resources and connections in its Practising Well initiative.

Included in these are the following:

Law Society members and their families can access counselling at a discounted rate from Lifeline.

A list of all members of the National Friends Panel is available here. It's made up of lawyers who are willing to be contacted on a confidential basis by fellow lawyers with questions or concerns relating to practice issues.

Lawyers with small to medium size businesses can also access support and mentoring practice from Business Mentors New Zealand.

Locum lawyers are also available to cover in situations such as the absence of staff or where the principal in a small or sole practice may need a break for recreational or health reasons.

For further details on how to register for Practising Well services, contact your local Law Society branch.


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