New Zealand Law Society - ACC receives 94 claims related to Christchurch terror attack

ACC receives 94 claims related to Christchurch terror attack

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

The ACC says that at 26 March it had received fatal claims for all 50 deceased victims of the Christchurch terror attack, as well as 94 injury claims.

It says it has received a number of media requests for information on claims relating to the attack and while it would not normally publicise official information requests, it believes it's important to ensure clarity and consistency of the published statistics.

ACC says it is still receiving a small number of new claims and is working closely with other agencies to connect with the families of everyone who may have been injured in the attack. Anyone who needs assistance is urged to contact ACC.

A fact sheet which explains the ACC entitlements and support available has been translated into Malay, Indonesian, Farsi, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic. It has been provided to the family liaison officers and is available in the Christchurch community hub, and on the ACC website.

“We began preparing fatal claims for each victim as Police released the names last week. This morning we received information on 41 victims from one funeral home, so we now have details on all 50, says Chief Operating Officer Miek Tully.

“Our priority now is working with families and funeral homes to arrange payment of funeral grants and the full range of entitlements – such as survivors’ grants and compensation for lost earnings for those who were working in New Zealand – as we receive details about each of the affected families.”

Mike Tully says 53 of the 94 injury claims involve gunshot wounds.

“All acute medical care costs will be taken care of for everyone with injuries, as well as support with longer-term medical treatment. Anyone who was working in New Zealand will be entitled to weekly compensation while they recover. We will also provide a range of supports such as home help, transportation assistance, and childcare where required.

“We’ve received 28 weekly compensation claims; 20 are completed already.  Two clients are ineligible because they’re receiving a benefit, and we’re seeking more information from six.

“We’ve had 23 claims for mental injury, including 10 claims for people who did not suffer a physical injury, nor did the mental injury occur through the nature of their work, so are ineligible for cover under the current boundaries of the ACC scheme.  We're working closely with other agencies – such as the DHB, Police, Victims Support and MSD – to ensure these people are receiving the counselling support they need,” Mike Tully says.