New Zealand Law Society - Reminder to Lawyers about reporting suspected misconduct, and support available

Reminder to Lawyers about reporting suspected misconduct, and support available

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

Lawyers are being reminded about their obligations to report incidents of suspected misconduct by another lawyer.

If a lawyer suspects there has been unsatisfactory conduct, a report can be made, however this is not mandatory.  

In March LawTalk featured a comprehensive article about the extensive tools the Law Society has for the reporting of unacceptable conduct.

The article contains information about reporting Misconduct under Rule 2.8, reporting Unsatisfactory Conduct under Rule 2.9, along with other relevant rules that all lawyers need to be aware of.

Read the full details here. There is also information available about who lawyers can talk to if they have a relevant concern and what happens to a report of misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct when it has been received from a Lawyer by the Law Society.

The Law Society recognises that unacceptable behaviour needs to be addressed through a combination of regulatory oversight and cultural change. Greater use of the current reporting channels, combined with targeted education and support for victims, can play a key role in achieving this.

It is normal to be feeling nervous about providing your contact details and to have concerns about confidentiality or what the possible outcome of making a report might look like.

Further information and answers to those questions can be found here.

Lawyers will naturally want to know how the complaints process works and full details on that process can be found here.

In addition, some other important contact and support points include:

  • If you wish to discuss your reporting obligations or what steps can be take in response to unacceptable conduct you can contact a member of the National Friends Panel in confidence to obtain guidance
  • If you wish to discuss what might happened when a confidential report is received you are able to contact the Lawyers Complaints Service on 0800 261 801.
  • Phone or contact LawCare
  • Access the Practicing Well resources
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