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Get support

Experiencing or witnessing unacceptable conduct can be distressing.

The prospect of reporting another lawyer’s conduct can also be stressful. Ensuring that you have support in place and know how to access help if needed is important.

Law Care phone line: 0800 0800 28

Lawyers who have experienced workplace harassment can call Law Care for a range of options for accessing support and assistance on 0800 0800 28.

The Law Care phone line will operate from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 7:30pm and on Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Practising Well

If you are concerned about reporting, or are affected by, someone else’s conduct you may wish to access our practising well resources.

Talking to someone you trust and feel comfortable with can be of assistance. This could be by reaching out a senior member of the legal profession who you could ask to speak to on a confidential basis.

For more serious or urgent matters, you may wish to contact the police and/or your GP.

Talk to someone on the National Friends Panel

You may wish to consider discussing the matter with an experienced practitioner from the National Friends Panel on a confidential basis, in advance of submitting your report. They have experience in ethical matters and may be able to assist with your concerns.