New Zealand Law Society - Cost Assessors needed

Cost Assessors needed

The Lawyers Complaints Service is seeking lawyers to serve as specialist costs assessors. Costs assessors work under delegation from Lawyers Standards Committees and provide independent opinions on costs complaints.

If you are looking to give back to the profession but do not have the capacity to serve on a committee, assisting as a costs assessor could be for you.

We are looking for lawyers in a variety of fields including litigation, property, trusts and estates, family, and criminal law. The work involves reviewing invoices, time records, client files, and preparing a report for the Standards Committee. On occasion you will meet with the parties to the complaint. Costs assessors are generally asked to do no more than one or two reports each year and are contacted on an as needed basis.   

For more information about serving as a costs assessor contact Kalina Shipkov, Regional Team Leader at the Lawyers Complaints Service on (04) 889 7788 or at

If you are interested in acting as a costs assessor please send a current CV to:

Susan Louw
Lawyers Complaints Service
New Zealand Law Society