New Zealand Law Society - Clara Judith Whitcombe

Clara Judith Whitcombe

Preferred name
Employee at Tompkins Wake - Rotorua

Contact details

Tompkins Wake - Rotorua

07 347 9466
07 347 9500
PO Box 248
Rotorua 3040
New Zealand

Areas of practice

Areas of practice listed below have been self-selected. These indicate the areas of practice in which the lawyer is willing to provide a service. The New Zealand Law Society does not accredit areas of practice.

  • Employment
  • Immigration

Regulatory details

Regulatory details
Currently holds a practising certificate as a Barrister & Solicitor which was issued on 01/07/2023 and expires on 30/06/2024
Wellington High Court on 18/06/2021
Real estate services
Does not provide real estate services (i.e. undertakes the work of a real estate agent)
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