New Zealand Law Society - Information you must supply

Information you must supply

There are a number of documents you must provide directly to the Society. Documents (except passport details) must be originals and copies will not be accepted.

  • The completed application on the prescribed form
  • Passport/New Zealand Driver Licence. An original certified copy of the identification page of your passport or an original certified copy of your current New Zealand Driver Licence (both sides if the expiry date is on the reverse).
  • Proof of any name change (if applicable). Originals of the deed poll/marriage certificate and/or statutory declaration are required.
  • Statutory declaration. You must provide a declaration if your name appears differently in different documents or has a different sequence. The declaration should state that you are the person referred to by the various names used in the documents. Check the Society's guidelines on statutory declarations for details.
  • Your resumé/CV. You must provide details of your full employment history to the month and year and a brief explanation of any gaps.
  • If you have been admitted to another jurisdiction, a Certificate of Standing from the regulatory body in that jurisdiction.
  • If you have been regulated in another profession, a Certificate of Standing (or equivalent) from the relevant regulatory body.
  • The Law Society will initiate a request for your criminal conviction history from the Ministry of Justice. You will receive an emailed link from the Ministry asking you to complete your details to enable the report. Please note that this link automatically expires in 15 days.
  • If you have lived in a country other than New Zealand for more than one year since you turned 18 (other than on a University exchange arranged through a NZ University) you will need to arrange for an equivalent report to be sent direct to the Law Society from that country.
  • If you have declared any mental or physical health conditions that may affect your ability to carry out the functions required to practice law, please include a medical report form your health professional/specialist. Check the Law Society’s Guidelines for applicants declaring health conditions for details.

Please provide an appropriately sized self-addressed pre-paid A4 courier bag with your application to enable safe return of your original documents. Or check with the branch to see if you can collect your certificate.

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