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Practice Notes

Practice Notes exist on may different topics and contain guidelines on how a case must be managed – from the filing of the first document that commences proceedings, through to the end of the case. They outline judicial expectation, but are designed to achieve consistency across and between Courts. Ordinarily practitioners would be expected to be aware of and to abide by, the general provisions of a Practice Note without being bound to do so. Practice Notes can be local, regional or national and individual Judges are at liberty to depart from a Practice Note if the particular circumstances warrant. If a situation arises where a particular provision of at Practice Note is inconsistent with a statute or regulation, then it is clear that the statute or regulation will prevail. On 24.3.11, Judge Boshier reissued all Family Court Practice Notes and appendices as part of the Family Court Caseflow Management Practice Note.  The addition of hyperlinks throughout should enhance user-friendliness.

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