New Zealand Law Society - Gender equality

Gender equality

The Law Society has resources and programmes to support gender equality which has been an important focus for the entire legal profession.

Gender Equality Charter

The Law Society encourages all legal workplaces to sign up to its Gender Equality Charter. While the charter focuses on women in the legal profession, some charter commitments are relevant to other aspects of diversity. We have developed some guidelines to help anyone who signs up to meet charter commitments.

Practical tools and resources for everyone

We can all take action to improve the culture of the legal profession. Whether you're a senior partner, a general counsel or junior lawyer, here are some practical tools and resources to help you.

By the numbers

The business case for gender equality

Gender equality is vital for legal workplaces looking to grow, meet the needs of clients, recruit the best talent and stay innovative in a fast-changing environment.

Find out what's on near you

There are a number of local women lawyer groups around New Zealand who reqularly hold events.


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