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Warranty - Disclaimer - Copyright

The LINX Database comprises head notes of judgments received and records of other resources held by the Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury Libraries of the New Zealand Law Society, and does not purport to be exhaustive of all legal information. The LINX Database has been prepared in good faith and is published on the condition that its owners, their agents and their contractors disavow and exclude any liability by any or all of them in any way for any damage or loss suffered, any costs expended, any claims or demands made, or proceedings issued. The database is intended to be a guide for New Zealand legal research only to the extent that the resources of the Libraries permit. Users of the LINX Database should not, and are not intended to, act in exclusive reliance upon its contents for research purposes, but should obtain copies of original source material for more detailed research.

The owners of LINX disclaim, to the extent permitted by law, all warranties (including any implied warranties of merchantable fitness for any particular purpose), representations and endorsements, express or implied, with regard to all data (including linked documents and internet sites) recorded in or accessed through the database, and whether originating with or on behalf of the owners of the database or supplied by third parties. The owners of LINX do not accept any liability for the accuracy, currency, reliability, comprehensiveness or correctness of any information in the LINX Database, or in references to information sources (including linked documents and internet sites).

The LINX Database is copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of legal research as permitted under the Copyright Act 1994, no part of the database may be reproduced by any process without the permission of the owners of LINX.