New Zealand Law Society - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I have forgotten my Registry User ID, how can I find it?

Your User ID is the six-digit number (including any leading zeros) noted on your practising certificate. You can also find it in emails we’ve sent you in the past about renewals or making your CPD declaration. 

If you have forgotten your User ID or changed your email address, please call 0800 22 30 30 or email

I have forgotten my Registry password, what should I do?

On the Registry login page click the ‘Forgot password?’ link and enter your User ID. Make sure you enter your User ID correctly. It is six digits, including leading zeros. Click the ‘Email password reset’ button to send a password reset link to your email. If you haven’t received the email from us:

  1. check your junk mail and spam folders for the password reset email
  2. check the firewall settings with your own IT people
  3. if your email address has changed, contact Registry on 0800 22 30 30 or email 

I am having trouble accessing my Registry account, what should I do?

It’s important that you enter your User ID in full. It is six digits, including leading zeros. 

In some cases people can experience challenges accessing Registry when using a tablet device. We suggest that you use a computer or mobile phone instead.

We have noticed that some web browsers are having difficulty with displaying our Registry site. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you’re using one of these browsers and the website is still showing incorrectly, please contact us.

Contact Registry via phone on 0800 22 30 30 or via email on

How do I pay by credit card?

Follow these steps to make a credit card payment.

  1. Go to the ‘Pay Fees’ screen in Registry and ensure the check box next to your name is ticked, then click the ‘Continue’ button.
  2. On the ‘Payment Summary’ screen check the “total due” is correct, then click the ‘Continue’ button.
  3. Enter your credit card information and click the ‘Pay’ button.
  4. Once the payment has been processed an ‘Online Payment – Confirmation’ screen appears – do not exit until you see this screen. You may want to keep a copy of this confirmation for your records.

Credit card payments process instantly.

How do I pay by direct credit?

To pay from a New Zealand bank, in the 'Particulars', 'Code' and 'Reference' fields please clearly identify your:

  • name
  • User ID
  • invoice number.

Deposit direct credit payments into the ASB account: 

12 3140 0119103 07

Only include payment for renewal fees and levies, not other services such as seminars.

It may take some time for direct credit payments to process, please allow at least 5 working days.

Can I pay by cheque?

Cheques are being phased out by many New Zealand banks, we ask that you pay by the above methods instead and apologise for any inconvenience.

How can I access my invoice?

A copy of your invoice can be downloaded once you have logged in to your Registry account, go to the 'Tax Invoices' screen. We expect that invoices for the 2021/22 year will be available by end of May 2021.

Log in to Registry 

My organisation wants a receipt for my renewal, how can I get one?

The invoice becomes a tax invoice (for GST purposes) when it’s paid, we don’t issue a separate receipt.

How do I join a Law Society section or the Panel of Mediators – Family Specialist?

If you are not currently a member of a Law Society section, find out more below:

Property Law Section

Family Law Section

ILANZ – In-house Lawyers Association of New Zealand

Members of the Family Law Section also have the opportunity to join the Panel of Mediators – Family Specialist. Joining the Panel signals that you maintain a high standard of mediation in your practice and once you’re accredited you can use our logo to show this to others.  

You must be able to demonstrate that you have achieved a certain level of training and experience in family mediation. You can find out more or join below: 

Benefits of joining the Panel 

Criteria for accreditation

Join the Panel

Once you are a member of one of these services, it will automatically be included on your renewal invoice.

Further information


Regulation 5 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Practice Rules) Regulations 2008.

Register of lawyers

Regulation 10 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Practice Rules) Regulations 2006 sets out the information that the register is required to contain regarding every lawyer.

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