New Zealand Law Society - Applications for Approval

Applications for Approval

The following people have applied to the Law Society for certificates or approvals.

Any comments concerning suitability should be made in writing to Registry by the date noted.

Send to:

Fax: +64 4 463 2989

Comments may be disclosed to the applicant.

Approval to Practise on Own Account under s30 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006

Names published and circulated on 11 April 2024. Comments due by 18 April 2024:

  • Chiu Richard James
  • Goundar Julie Pei Sheen
  • Hamon Carlos Anthony Taniwha
  • Holland Cherie Lisa
  • Jindal Gautam
  • Kalansuriya Avindu Viduranga
  • McGilvaryJames Philip
  • O’Connor Steven Bryan Choy
  • Scott John Phillip Macintosh
  • Suyker Joshua Craig
  • Tootill Glenn Paul
  • Verbiesen Joanne Louise
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