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Member Benefits

Get connected

To be an effective and successful family lawyer, you need contacts with colleagues, Court staff and other relevant agencies working in the family law area. Through your Family Law Section membership you become part of a large community of family lawyers throughout New Zealand.

The Section’s regional representatives organise a range of local networking and educational opportunities throughout the year. Participation in these events lets members not only meet and get to know other family lawyers, but builds career-long contacts and relationships.

Keep updated

Being a lawyer is more than just knowing your stuff at one point in time – it’s about keeping updated on relevant issues. That is especially important in our role as family lawyers.

As a member, you will receive complimentary issues of The Family Advocate, regular email bulletins and access to the members’ only area of the website.

In addition to the biannual Family Law Conference, NZLS CLE Ltd organises a range of travelling seminars, workshops, and special programmes for lawyers at all stages in their careers. We encourage you to visit their website to view the education programmes offered.

Have a voice on policy

The FLS works hard to deal with the many issues facing family lawyers in New Zealand. Government policy on family law does not happen by itself. Because FLS is the national professional body representing the interests of family lawyers in New Zealand, we are regularly consulted by the Government and the Family Court on the formation of policy in the family law area.

The FLS has a well respected voice in the policy-making process. As a member, you have an opportunity to contribute directly to that process. The important knowledge you gain from your daily work can assist in shaping and improving policies that will benefit the profession.

The FLS Advisory Panel is responsible for preparing submissions on proposed legislation and government discussion documents.

FLS members will be emailed each time a proposal is sent to the Advisory Panel inviting comment and feedback on matters involving family law. These comments are passed to the FLS Advisory Panel and directly feed into the FLS submissions. 

Develop your practice

The Family Law Section receives calls everyday from the members of the public looking to locate a family lawyer in their area. Section membership entitles you to a free entry in the Find a Family Lawyer online directory on the public area of the Section’s website.

Your details are listed by geographical region and areas of practice, and include all the normal contact information, including a free linked email address. If you have a website, a link to that website can also be included. The online directory is available to members of the public worldwide and makes you instantly identifiable as a New Zealand family lawyer.

Get support

Family law is a demanding and challenging area. Sometimes it is beneficial to discuss difficult issues of a case with another practitioner to gain advice and support if needed.

Many members will already have their own network of colleagues. The Section has put in place an informal system, whereby members needing support or advice can be put in touch with a senior practitioner, who is willing to assist where possible.

Please contact the Section’s manager Kath Moran on 04 472 7837  or email for assistance in this area.

Australian Family Law Section

The Australian Family Law Section has offered membership to NZ FLS members at a reduced membership rate, which is one half of their current rate. This offer is also available to members who are already members of the Australian Family Law Section.

The Section has developed a close working relationship with the Australian Family Law Section which is of significant benefit. More information on the Australian Family Law Section, including applying for membership is available from the Australian Family Law Section's website.

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