New Zealand Law Society - Lawyers from other jurisdictions

Lawyers from other jurisdictions

If you are a lawyer from another jurisdiction you can provide any legal services but generally you may not carry out work in any of the reserved areas of work. Both 'legal services' and 'reserved areas of work' are defined in s6 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 (LCA).

Under s25 of the LCA you may also:

  • do any work, or transact any business in New Zealand that concerns the law of another country or international law
  • provide legal services (including appearances) in New Zealand in relation to any proceedings before a court or other body if it is essential for the purposes of the proceedings that you have knowledge of the law of another country or international law
  • use your home jurisdiction description, subject to certain constraints.

Information on admission to the profession in New Zealand is also available.