New Zealand Law Society - FAQs


Library access

Where are the New Zealand Law Society Libraries?

The NZLS Research Libraries are in the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch High Court buildings. Smaller branch libraries, with online access to materials, are located at High and District Courts throughout the country. See the contacts page for more details.

Is after-hours access available?

After-hours access is available at the research libraries and several other branch libraries.

How do I get access to District Court Libraries?

See the Contact the Library pages for information about accessing the branch libraries.

I do not have a current practising certificate – can I still get access to the Library?

Becoming an Associate member of the New Zealand Law Society with additional access to library services allows a person access to the libraries. The Rules for Associate Membership state who may be eligible to become an Associate Member. Go to the Associate Membership page.

Resources and services

What resources are available?

The NZLS Library has a comprehensive collection of hard copy New Zealand and Commonwealth legal resources.

The Library subscribes to an extensive online collection of LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters and CCH databases offering case law and commentary on all areas of New Zealand law. The online collection also includes some Australian, United Kingdom and Canadian resources. Databases are available to practitioners via NZLS computers in the research libraries and solicitors’ rooms in these courthouses.

Library holdings are listed in the Library catalogue.

What services are available?

The Library provides research services, inter-library loans, training, and the hiring of gowns for court. Contact your closest research library for details.

How do I request research or document delivery?

For both research and document delivery you can either phone or email your nearest Research Library, or use the online form.

Can I take books out?

We are a reference library and books cannot be borrowed or removed from the Library. The books need to be available to lawyers at all times.
A selection of LexisNexis e-books are available for electronic loan for 14 days via the Lexis Red service.

How do I subscribe to the LINX database?

Members can access the LINX or Linxplus databases free of charge at the High Court and Branch Libraries, or subscribe to it online. For more information about LINX and how to subscribe see the LINX website.

Wigs and gowns

How do I hire a gown for court?

You can hire a gown for court from the Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury Libraries.

How do I get a wig and gown for ceremonial occasions?

Wigs, gowns and bibs, for all ceremonial occasions, can be hired from Academic Dress Hire. Advance booking is essential. Email or call 09-358 1044, 021 298 4136

In Wellington, contact the local branch office of the New Zealand Law Society.
Email or call 04 472 7837

Can I borrow a gown for a fancy dress party?

No. Sorry gowns are only available to practitioners for court.

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