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New titles

Purchased in April 2023

Insurance Claims in New Zealand 2nd ed.
Paul Michalik and Chris Boys
(Wellington : LexisNexis NZ Ltd, 2023) 

Arnould : Law of Marine Insurance and Average 20th ed.
Jonathan Gilman [et. al.]
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2022) 

Furmston and Tolhurst on Contract Formation : Law and Practice 3rd ed.
GJ Tolhurst and Elisabeth Peden
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Goode and Gullifer on Legal Problems of Credit and Security 7th ed.
Roy Goode and Louise Gullifer
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Introduction to South Pacific Law 5th ed.
Jennifer Corrin and Vergil Narokobi
(London : Intersentia, 2022) 

The Law of Evidence in Canada 6th ed.
John Sopinka [et. al.]
(Toronto : LexisNexis, 2022) 

The Law of Rescission 3rd ed.
Dominic O'Sullivan, Steven Elliott and Rafal Zakrzewski
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Learning to Litigate : a Guide for Young Lawyers
Neil Williams and Alison Hammond
(Sydney : The Federation Press, 2022) 

Mental Health, Legal Capacity, and Human Rights
Michael Ashley Stein (Editor)
(Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2021) 

Rights, Powers and Remedies in Commercial Law
Ryan Turner
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2021) 

Summerskill on Laytime 7th ed.
Simon Baughen
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2022)


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Purchased in March 2023

The English Text of the Treaty of Waitangi
Fletcher, Ned
(Wellington : Bridget Williams Books, 2022)

Forsyth's Guide to Trusts and Estate Practice 9th ed.
Cordelia Thomas
(Auckland : CCH New Zealand, 2022)

Administrative Law 9th ed.
Paul Craig
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2021)

Carver on Bills of Lading 5th ed.
Francis Rose, FMB Reynolds
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2022)

Hayton, McFarlane and Mitchell on Equity and Trusts 15th ed.
Jessica Hudson, Ben McFarlane, Charles Mitchell
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2022)

The Laws of Restitution
Robert Stevens
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Marsden and Gault on Collisions at Sea 15th ed.
Andrew Tettenborn, John Kimbell
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2021)

Wade and Forsyth's Administrative Law 12th ed.
Christopher Forsyth, Julian Ghosh
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Purchased in February 2023

Nevill's Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration 14th ed.
Lindsay Breach
(Wellington : LexisNexis, 2023) 

Documentary evidence 14th ed.
Charles Hollander
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2021)

Exclusion Clauses and Unfair Contract Terms 13th ed.
Neil Andrews
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Goff and Jones on Unjust Enrichment 10th ed.
Charles Mitchell, Paul Mitchell, Stephen Watterson
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2022)

Principles of Statutory Interpretation
Richard Calnan
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration 7th ed.
Nigel Blackaby KC, Constantine Partasides KC, Alan Redfern
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2022)

Riley on Business Interruption Insurance 11th ed.
Damian Glynn, Toby Rogers
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2021)

Tudor on Charities 11th ed.
William Henderson, Jonathan Fowles, Gregor Hogan, Julian Smith, Laetitia Ransley
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

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