New Zealand Law Society - WiFi access

WiFi access

At present, WiFi is available in the Auckland HC, Canterbury HC and Wellington HC Research Libraries and the Auckland DC, Manukau DC, Otago HC and Hamilton branch libraries.  Eventually WiFi access will be provided in all the libraries/lawyers room around the country.

Lawyers require a password to access the WiFi network.
Please ask Library staff for the current password, when accessing the WiFi via NZLS-lawyer.

The same password will work in all the libraries/lawyers rooms.
For security reasons the password will be changed quarterly.

The Library's subscription databases (LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters and CCH) can be accessed via WiFi. PDFs can be saved to your laptop, however printing via WiFi is not currently available.

Read the Library computer and Wifi use policy

An alternative NZLS_Guest login, that doesn’t require a PIN, is also available. This will only connect you to the WiFi temporarily (4 hours) and the connection is not secure

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