New Zealand Law Society - Intellectual Property Law Committee

Intellectual Property Law Committee

The Intellectual Property Law Committee assists in intellectual property law reform by reviewing proposed legislation, regulations and guidelines. The committee continues to liaise with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) on the workability of operational policy and proposed IP reforms, and hearings delays.

About us

The Intellectual Property Law Committee was initially established in 2003 as a working party to consider and comment on IP law reform. The working party was made an NZLS standing committee in 2009, and has continued to keep a watching brief on intellectual property law.

Our people

Greg Arthur KC is the committee convenor. Greg is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading intellectual property litigators. He has been engaged in many significant intellectual property cases before the High Court and the Court of Appeal and before the Commissioner of Patents and Trade Marks.

The committee comprises experienced IP practitioners:

  • Andrew Brown KC
  • Doug Calhoun
  • Clive Elliot KC
  • Sheana Wheeldon
  • Jane Glover
  • Kate Duckworth
  • Jason Wach

Recent work

In the past 18 months, the committee monitored and commented on reforms to intellectual property law and practice, including submissions on:

  • consultation on the proposed draft Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill
  • Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 review: Options paper; and further consultation on outstanding policy issues
  • the Commerce Amendment Bill (competition law: repeal of safe harbours for IP)

The committee also engaged extensively with IPONZ on practice issues, including in relation to case management proposals, automatic extensions, temporary changes during COVID-19 lockdown and the issue of ongoing hearings delays. Committee representatives also attend IPONZ Technical Focus Group meetings.


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