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Library access

Access is available at most libraries to members holding a current Practising Certificate or current Associate Membership.

Auckland High Court

An access card is required for entry to the library.

A request for an access card to the Auckland Library can be made using this application form or by applying in person at the Library. Identification is required to collect a card. The cost is $24 (excl. GST).

Christchurch Library

The Library is located in the Justice & Emergency Services Precinct (Emergency Services Building, B2 entrance on Tuam Street). The Library's after-hours entrance is located just outside the ESB main entrance on the ground floor.

A Lawyers’ access card (CJESP) is required for access to the Library.

Hamilton High Court

Accessible through a side door (glass door beside the main entrance), then left into the Law Society door.

After hours by code (from Law Society).

Otago Library

Contact the Branch Manager to enquire.

Rotorua High/District Courts

Access to the Rotorua Library is available from the back of the building (get details from Security Office during Court hours).
Obtain swipe cards and digit numbers from Security Office at main entrance to building.

Permanent cards cost $20.00.

Thames District Court

Access to the Thames Library is available from the second door on the left as you enter the public foyer.

After-hours key access available to practitioners ($25.00 p/a), enquire with the Registrar.

Wellington High Court

A request for an access card to the Wellington Library can be made using this application form or by applying in person at the Library. The cost is $24 (excl. GST).

Whanganui High/District Courts

Contact directly to enquire.

Last updated on the 29th June 2020